SPOILED PUPS BAKEHOUSE Birthday Cakes & Gourmet Treats

SPOILED PUPS BAKEHOUSE Birthday Cakes & Gourmet Treats

SPOILED PUPS BAKEHOUSE Birthday Cakes & Gourmet Treats SPOILED PUPS BAKEHOUSE Birthday Cakes & Gourmet Treats SPOILED PUPS BAKEHOUSE Birthday Cakes & Gourmet Treats

We make it easy for you to help your SpoiledPup celebrate their special day.

Birthdays,Adoption gotcha cakes, Holiday cakes 

Cake Price list

Please allow 48 hours for cake orders.

Cakelets on point



Beautifully decorated and boxed.

12 Cakelets



Super bright colours


Choose any colour of the rainbow.

We have super brights , Pastels and natural colours.

Fun flavours


~Apple Or Apple Peanut Butter.

~Banana Or Banana Peanut Butter.

~Carrot , Sweet Potato or Pumpkin with Peanut Butter.

Zero sugars


We use absolutely Zero sugars in our pup recipes.

Allergies? No problem we have lots of healthy recipes for you too!!

All Natural


We use natural flours , and the freshest fruit and vegetable purees.

Some like them plain


Allergies to food?

Thats ok. 

We customize our cakes and treats to suit your dogs nutritional needs

Doggie Donuts

Great daycare party idea!!!

Super cute , super bright , super delicious!!
Decorated just like the real thing , With ZERO sugars.

Super cute , Super bright.

Decorated just like the real thing.

Only ZERO sugars!!



Beautifully decorated and boxed .

12 Doggie Donuts



Baked Fresh to Order


Customized to your flavours , colours and themes.

Add a box to your birthday cake for larger pup parties.

We bake all our cakes and treats fresh to order

All Natural , Simple ingredients , Homebaked with love.


 All our cookies and dog treats are baked  with simple, humane ingredients , only the best for your loved ones.

We include all pups in our baking and treat testing.

Because their opinions are the only opinions that matters. Homebaked with love daily.

Healthy , Gourmet Treats


Are you like the rest of us?

Tired of all the dangerous recalls on your loved ones treats?

Us too!!

This is why we offer healthy, homebaked treats and birthday cakes.


No problem at all,, We have lots of delicious  recipes that have been pup tested and approved!!!!!


Homebaked Pup Birthday Cakes


Baked fresh to order,

You choose your pups flavours and bright colours.

We have a large assortment of sizes and designs to suit your pups personality.

Flavours are:


Apple ~Peanut Butter


Banana ~Peanut Butter


Just Peanut Butter


Pumpkin ~ Peanut Butter


Sweet Potato

Dog Donuts


Our pup donuts are fresh and moist.

Decorated with bright frosting and cute decals.

You choose your pups favourite flavours .

These donuts are just like ours ,,,only no sugars or salts.

Perfect snack packs to treat groups of pups like at daycare.

Donuts are available in 2 sizes

Tiny and Regular

Birthday Party Packs


Having a pup party?


Is your pup part of a daycare or walk group?

Our Birthday Party Packs are the perfect party take along.

Includes an individual birthday cake and matching shareable pupcakes.

You choose the colour theme and your pups favourite flavours.

Help your pup celebrate with his friends,,,They will thank-you.

Healthy gourmet treats

We have your SpoiledPups special needs in mind when we create all our special Pupcakes and treats.

Contact Us

Spoiled Pups Bakehouse

1012 Fourth Avenue, New Westminster, British Columbia V3M 4E7, Canada

778-888-5398 Spoiledpupsvancouver@gmail.com


Open today

06:30 a.m. – 07:00 p.m.

Monday- Friday - 6:30am - 7pm

Saturday - 7:00am - 7pm

Sunday  - 8am - 6pm

*Please be advised must give notice of 48 hours for cakes, as they are baked fresh to order!!!!

Never pre-baked.

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