Are you like the rest of us? 

Tired of all the dangerous recalls on your loved ones treats and foods?

Finding it harder and harder and harder to keep up with all the recalls?

We can help.

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Its pawtyyy time pups ,, book your birthday cake today!!!


All Natural , Simple ingredients , Homebaked with love.

 All our cookies and dog treats are baked  with simple, humane ingredients , only the best for your loved ones.

We include all pups in our baking and treat testing.

Because their opinions are the only opinions that matters. Homebaked with love daily. Do you need pet boarding and pet sitting or any other dog care need in Vancouver or surrounding areas ?  If so let us know!!!

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We offer first class pet care.

 We have only the best for your loved ones in mind.

100% Supervision at allll times.

Loving , patient care.

 We offer different walk groups to exercise your spunky pup.

We also offer Your home boarding so your pup can enjoy the comforts of their  own  homes.

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Dedicated , Loving Staff

Our staff at Spoiled Pups are dedicated to giving your pup all the love and attention they crave .

We always go the extra mile to keep 

your pup safe.

Our staff are certified with WalksnWags Pet First-Aid

We guarantee safe , quality care for your loved ones.

Book an appointment today to improve your pups quality of life .... They’ll thank -you.

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First class Pet care



We go the extra mile to make your pup feel at home, because we feel they should enjoy their time when you are away from home.

Spoiled Pups offers your pup action packed day play , leisurely walks through Vancouver parks and trails , great socialization with new friends as well as all the attention they can stand.

Not to mention all the home-baked treats they will enjoy.

We provide a fun , safe experience every time.

All of our petsitters have been certified by WalksnWags  Pet First-

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In -home Boarding


NEVER crated.

However all pups are 100% supervised at all times.

You can rest assured that when your pup is in our care we will provide safe quality care for your pup.

NEVER over-booked or crowed , which provides your pup with personal attention ,

Dog Walking


Spoiled Pups offers action packed days for your playful pup.

Whether your pup is super spunky , a bit older ,  bit nervous or just plain not used to walking with others we can fit your pup in a group suited for their needs.

At Spoiled Pups we offer small walking groups to maximize your pups care and attention.

Smaller groups offer quality care.

Menu / Price List

We have your SpoiledPups special needs in mind when we create all our special Pupcakes and treats.

All of our staff are certified by Walksnwags Pet first aid . Please note all pups must have proof of up to date vaccines.


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It can be stressful to leave  your pet. If you have any questions or concerns about how you can make your pet's experience more enjoyable , please feel free to reach out. We will get back to you soon!

Spoiled Pups Bakehouse & Pet care

1012 Fourth Avenue, New Westminster, British Columbia V3M 1T3, Canada



Monday- Friday - 6:30am - 7pm

Saturday - 7:00am - 7pm

Sunday  - 9 am -5 pm

*Please note we are open always for emergency situations.

We will never leave no pup behind.

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